Today, I Crushed, Dominated, Kicked-Butt, Conquered, Ruled and Smacked Down Cancer!

This happy face is what my oncologist, Dr. Robinson, handed Mathis and I TODAY while we were in the waiting room completely nervous about the results. It’s drawn on the back of my CT scan report. We’re thrilled so please join us in our celebration for so many wonderful things. Educational article: Some of you saw this […]


Eager for a New Year – Cancer Free, We Hope

This time last year, I had big plans. Grow my business, travel internationally, and play tons of golf with Mathis. On February 22, 2015, I was shocked to learn my cancer had returned as Stage IV after 2 prior occurrences. Right after losing Tracy, my womb-mate in May, 2014. Since then, surgery, 20 weeks of […]