Chemo Update and More Tips and Tricks for You!

Dear friends and family, Your incredible outpour of support and love have been, well, overwhelming. In such a good way. I read and appreciate every word, every gesture, and every thought. Tonight, I thought I would give you snippets of my recent activities AND share more “Dos and Don’ts” for helping a cancer patient through […]

Hair Buzz Fun Today – Wednesday, March 18

Hello, everybody, Instead of my hair falling out in clumps, we beat it to the punch. And, when my oncologist said “your hair will fall out on Day 12 after chemo”, I whipped out my calendar and got ‘er done. A special thanks to my hairstylist and now-buzz-master, Rosanna, from the Pro Club. If any locals […]

Thanks, Friends, for the Visit! March 15

Well, we were planning a hair buzz-fest but my fabulous hairstylist, Rosanna (at the Pro Club) got sick so we just visited. A special thanks to all of you who brought yummy food and hugs!   Although it was a lot of work for Mathis (thank you, my love), since I just sat there, we’ll do […]

First Diagnosis – March 9, 2015

New news: I was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer*, my third time fighting this disease. And I will CRUSH it! * good news: fast forward to March 13 where my cancer was gleefully downgraded to Stage 3 following a biopsy I start chemo today, on March 9th and will be under treatment for […]

Hello family and friends! Welcome to the Conquest

I’m so blessed to have so many friends and family to support me through this kick-butt, take-names conquest. Just nine months from the day we lost my dear womb-mate, Tracy Frank, I was diagnosed with a third recurrence of breast cancer. And I have no doubt that we, together, will all become gladiators in the […]