Hello family and friends! Welcome to the Conquest

I’m so blessed to have so many friends and family to support me through this kick-butt, take-names conquest. Just nine months from the day we lost my dear womb-mate, Tracy Frank, I was diagnosed with a third recurrence of breast cancer. And I have no doubt that we, together, will all become gladiators in the war to completely disable this disease.

Tracy, Ilse, Dana_0414

Tracy, Ilse, Dana_0414

Prepare to experience many things:  celebrating all of the small and big triumphs, learning more than you may want to learn, giving back to others less-fortunate who are battling cancer, and how to just think happy thoughts and be grateful every day.

Please subscribe to this blog and feel free to forward it so I don’t need to keep everybody posted individually.

Most importantly, don’t believe you are ever an imposition. Just call, write, e-mail, comment here, and know that I will read and appreciate every drop. I may not respond but that means nothing.

It takes a strong band of family and friends to muscle our way through this and you are officially enlisted!

Love and hugs from my family and I,

Mathis, Dana, Shane, Chad_0614

Dana Manciagli

phone 206.849.1000


Family at Tracy's Celebration of Life_061414

Family at Tracy’s Celebration of Life_061414


4 thoughts on “Hello family and friends! Welcome to the Conquest

  1. Oh Dana, I am so sorry that you are having to go through this again. My heart goes out to you and my positive thoughts will embrace you on this journey. I would be honored to be one of your angels, please let me know what I can do……..


  2. Hair is overrated anyway, Dana! I chopped all of mine off a few weeks ago. Jack, my youngest, and a pile of his friends will be participating in Relay for Life in Issaquah. I’ll have them dedicate a few laps to you and to Tracy. Now, go kick some cancer cells’ butts.


  3. Dana you are so beautiful! I was looking at your blog again and am struck that hair has nothing to do with your looks. Susan Davis and I want to come and visit – just let us know when and we’ll be there. Sending love and great thoughts.


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