Some Short Stories – My Cancer Odds N’ Ends

I’m a Prize-Winner!

Last Saturday, Mathis and I attended a Junior Achievement fund-raising picnic since I’m still on the board. They sold raffle tickets for a number of cool prizes so we donated to the cause and put little red tickets in each prize bowl.

Wouldn’t you know it? Of ALL the prizes and ALL the event-goers, I won two free haircuts at a local salon! Just what I need, right?

Dana wins haircuts!

Dana wins haircuts!

My Hair Doesn’t Talk to One Another

About three weeks ago, the hair on my head started to grow back! But now it stopped growing. I think my hair was thinking, “Oh, goodie, we’re done with chemo,” when I finished the first wave of chemo. But then I started a second round of a different chemo and it said, “Shit. I have to lay low a little longer.”

But the real dilemma is that the hair on my head doesn’t talk to my eyelashes or eyebrows. Once my head hair started growing back, my eyelashes fully fell out. Then, my eyebrows started peeling away a few weeks later. Can’t you guys get coordinated?

Makeup Is a Wonderful Thing

I found wonderful YouTube videos done by other cancer patients showing how to create the illusion of having eyelashes and eyebrows. And I have also done make-overs at the Nordstrom cosmetic department where I learned a lot! I now wake up every morning and put on makeup since it makes me feel more “normal.” Even if I am sitting around most of the day…

Engagement Bliss

Well, I must share our glee with getting married. And since most of you saw the “joke” ring that Mathis bought me, I thought I would show you the real wedding ring that I’m already wearing. Who cares about the order of things, right? It’s my favorite designer, David Yurman, and so gorgeous.

Real Ring

We’ll be getting our marriage certificate and get “legal” by the court sometime in July. Then plan festivities when possible. Here’s a recent photo of us from this past Saturday night:

Dana and Mathis_062715

Dana and Mathis_062715

Cancer Update

I am doing great. Really. Yes, I’m fatigued, but no serious side effects of chemo. I have 5 weeks left of chemo (August 4) then two weeks to wait for scans, then radiation for 6 weeks.

Recently my white blood counts have been very low so I missed one week of chemo and then only got partial chemo the following week. That means my bone marrow is “tired of chemo.” But I just started new shots that I’ll give myself daily to boost them up again through the end of chemo.

Radiation is tricky since I’ve had radiation before in 2002, but I have a lot of faith in my amazing Virginia Mason cancer team of doctors. There may be some surgery, too. All depends on those scans so please keep up the happy thoughts and prayers!

Here’s a shot from Tuesday’s chemo (June 30) and Mathis was sitting there right next to me!

Chemo June 30 2015

Thank you for all of the well-wishes, prayers and happy thoughts streaming in. Please stay close!

Love and hugs,



18 thoughts on “Some Short Stories – My Cancer Odds N’ Ends

  1. Dana, I love everything about you.

    You are a born storyteller and I hang on your every word because I can FEEL all your positivity and humor in every update!

    How can YOU be the one that’s inspiring all those that love you, when we should be the ones channeling our love and energy to you.

    Thank you for being YOU! Dana, you are the one and only original and I’m so grateful we recently reconnected after so many years

    Love susan


  2. Congratulations on your engagement to Mathis, Dana! Wow! what an incredible ring. You are truly blessed. I pray today is a new day with better WBC numbers and new energy. (Your eyebrows look amazing in the photo, great job!)


  3. Love the wedding rings and so happy you are already wearing them. Way to go. I read every word of your report so keep up the detail and especially the photos. Glad you can still find the humor in your hair and hair salon gifts. Keep wearing your makeup and smile. Hope to see you in LA but no worries if not.
    Much love.
    K and Bill


  4. Dana: Nice ring!! Congrats again on the engagement! Save the haircut cert, you’ll need it someday!! Enjoy your July 4th and keep smiling, you have the best smile around!


  5. I lost my eyebrows to tamoxifen – have gotten quite good at painting them on each morning although tattoos might be a fine alternative. The nice thing about makeup is that you can pick their size and shape according to your mood each morning!!

    interest. I post my findings, alonSent from my iPhone



  6. Love your newsy updates on your road to a cancer cure. You seem so upbeat and strong and we praise you for that.
    Know at times it must be discouraging, but you remain steadfast in a complete recovery. We are all praying for same and may the rest of your treatment go smoothly with no bad side effects, so you can enjoy all the wonderful trips and events when you do recover. Everyone is looking forward to a celebration at the end of your ordeal. Our best wishes and love for your continued success in beating the big C. Love, Ann and Jim


  7. Dana and Mathis, congratulations on your engagement! Dana, sending you much love, hugs, and lots of positive thoughts.


  8. Dana,

    You won the gift certificate because you’re going to have a gorgeous head of hair again soon.

    So glad you’re doing well.



    Arden Clise
    Sent from my iPhone



  9. Hey Gorgeous!! You are the most amazing person I know…Save the hair stuff you will need it for the Parties after you get married…LOVE the ring!! xoxoxoxox’s


  10. Dana, Congratulations on your Marrage and your beautiful new ring! I’m so glad you’re doing so well! Love, Molly

    Sent from my iPhone


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