Hair Buzz Fun Today – Wednesday, March 18

Hello, everybody,

Instead of my hair falling out in clumps, we beat it to the punch. And, when my oncologist said “your hair will fall out on Day 12 after chemo”, I whipped out my calendar and got ‘er done.

A special thanks to my hairstylist and now-buzz-master, Rosanna, from the Pro Club. If anyย locals are having a bad hair day or need a change, call Rosanna.

Also loved having our good friends, Stephanie and Jeff, supporting me during the ‘event’. Then there was Mathis, of course, who was the D.J., photographer and comedian.

Enjoy the documentation and wardrobe change!ย  Over the next few days, I will be a pure bald. New trick I learned from my nurses: use those round lint rollers to remove the remaining hair. Rosanna also trimmed a wig for me so I don’t have to be the “cancer baldy” wherever I go.

Tracy was a beautiful baldy so I had an inkling of what I would look like.

Hugs and love,



20 thoughts on “Hair Buzz Fun Today – Wednesday, March 18

  1. Dana: I have seen many pictures of you over the years and I truly think these are the most beautiful. Your life spirit and radiance is literally shining out of every one. Just gorgeous, inside and out. Thank you for sharing this part of the journey. We are with you. xo, Jennifer Hughes


  2. Dana,
    I am Greg’s cousin Chris. I was just diagnosed with ovarian cancer. I had a cyst on the ovary that burst and sent me to the hospital for 6 and major surgery. I will be going in for a total hysterectomy within a few weeks. I will do chemo after that. I want to thank you for posting this. I will probably do the same thing. Stay strong!!!!


    • Thank you for sharing, Chris, and of course I remember you! I’m sorry for all you are going through. Know that all the medical “stuff” is temporary…a speed bump. You’ll crush this like I’ll crush mine. Whenever you want my chemo tricks I’m learning about, just yell and we’ll talk.
      Warmest hug,


  3. Mathis is right – you are HOT. So much better to do the buzz than watch it fall – that’s what I like about you – getting out ahead of the puck on the ice rink. Hope to see you this weekend buzz babe!


  4. You are as gorgeous as Tracy. I see your strength in your eyes. Mathis has a nice buzz going also…
    Gladiating with you with love,


  5. Dana

    You are amazing! Shara and I send positive thoughts and energy! Let us know if we can help in anyway

    Scott and Shara


  6. Hi Dana,
    Saw your news on Facebook last night and wanted to reach out to you. Your gladiator spirit is inspiring and your smile so bright is contagious. My thoughts and prayers are with you! I agree with amazing group of friends: You are stunning!!!!!


  7. Dear Dana,
    Beautiful pictures , beautiful thoughts. I feel blessed that you and your family are in my life.
    Love, Grandma Judy


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