Chemo Update and More Tips and Tricks for You!

Dear friends and family,

Your incredible outpour of support and love have been, well, overwhelming. In such a good way. I read and appreciate every word, every gesture, and every thought. Tonight, I thought I would give you snippets of my recent activities AND share more “Dos and Don’ts” for helping a cancer patient through this!

Many of you read Part I called “What Not to Say to a Cancer Patient”.

Here is Part II, based on more real experiences.

Here are some anecdotes about my recent weeks:

1. “Chemo Brain” kicks in fast! At least that’s my excuse for forgetting things and blanking on certain words. Last week, I walked to the parking lot after a trip to the shopping mall. And I completely forget where my car was. So the security pick-up truck scooped me up and drove me up and down the aisles. I was even on the wrong level of the garage!  From now on, I’ll need to take a picture of where I parked or text myself the section number. How embarrassing!

Chemo Monday_0323

2. I had a wonderful visit by a Feng Shui expert, Lillian Tsai,who shared beautiful insights about healing colors I should wear, special things to change around our house, and so much more. Contact her to come to your home in Seattle or Portland!  My new healing colors are “wasabi green and golden” but I can keep wearing my jewel tones for pick-me-ups!  I’m also doing acupuncture and keeping up my naturopath’s vitamin regimen and more. IMG_20150321_185432

3. I’m halfway through the first batch of chemo, called A/C, which is every other Monday. This is the harshest type I will endure and I only have two more, on April 6 and 20th. Then I’ll move to another chemo every Monday through July. I’m doing well managing the chemo side effects and pleased when I have energy. Then I over-do it, of course, and my body tells me, in no uncertain terms, to lie down and shut up.

4. I would like to thank everybody here, but I fear that I’ll leave someone out. Such cool, fun and fabulous gestures by so many. A laughing monkey, fuzzy socks, reading materials, munchies, soups, and the biggest home-made card, personally delivered by my cousins, the Taylors. They drove up from Portland today, delivering love and hugs. ??????????

Well, until next time! My head will be completely bald the next time you see me (the buzz was short-lived), but it’s somewhat freeing, too!  A lot of heat escapes up there so I’m loaded with beanies of all types.

Mathis has been the most amazing care-giver and support every day and night and I love him for that (and more).

Love and hugs to all!



14 thoughts on “Chemo Update and More Tips and Tricks for You!

  1. Thanks for keeping me on the update list – was thinking about you this morning and wondering how today was going for you.

    You look stunning – your smile is as vibrant and contagious as ever.




  2. You look gorgeous….strong, radiant and clearly filled with amazing energy. Wish we were closer, but we’re with you mentally. Love, Susan and Kevin.


  3. Nice story about the parking lot attendant driving you to find your car! The kindness of strangers abound. BTW the link to Part II went to an error page — I want to read it so please repost? Sending lots of love, Celia


  4. I believe in the “Here- after” as in I get “here” and I can’t remember what I’m “after”. And I don’t even have a good excuse! haha LOVE your sense of humor about the whole thing…


  5. Dana–I can see the proof of the love around you. You glow with hope and determination and love. Your cousins are awesome.
    Go chemo! Do your work. Kill the bad cells.
    Thanks for taking the time to share with us. We want to know any and every detail. I am especially grateful for tips on how to talk to people fighting cancer.
    I’m listening.
    Special hugs to Mathis. It’s hard on the caregiver as you well know.
    Much love,


  6. Dana: I am thinking of you and sending you all my love. If there is anything I can do from Pasadena, please let me know. You are such a courageous woman and I in awe of you.


  7. HI Dana, every time I see your face I always remember Tracy the smiles are exact I hope every day is getting closer to the good days . we think of you so often and only wish the best results sending lot and lots of hugs Doris and Jack


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